The first Israeli social cancer center in Eastern Europe

Quality medical care, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Ukraine under the patronage of Israeli doctors with the possibility of partial financing of treatment. The center is completely built on charity.

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We work under the patronage of
charitable foundation
"Keren Or for Child"

Thanks to the charitable foundation and the funds raised, the Maimonides Medical Center was implemented in Ukraine.

The purpose of this project is to provide medical care to oncological and hematological patients of any age in Ukraine with the full support of Israeli doctors.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

This is a social project, which is fully implemented and based on donations and enables patients in Ukraine to receive qualified assistance of doctors from Israel on its territory. One of the important things we want to implement is quota/free treatment of oncology/hematology patients at the expense of funds raised by charitable organizations.

Для розуміння плану обстеження необхідно надіслати всі документи, які є на руках, і диски МРТ, КТ, ПЕТ-КТ на пошту [email protected] або за WhatsApp/Viber +380947100070. В середньому обробка документів займає у дорослих до 24 годин, у дітей від 24-48 годин. Відповідь надходить на пошту пацієнта письмово з детальною інформацією: яке обстеження треба пройти, хто лікар, вартість та терміни лікування
Так. You need to fill out a form on the website of the Keren Or for Child Foundation and if the foundation approved your request, send a letter of guarantee to the clinic's mail - [email protected].

Yes. The aim of the project is to receive treatment in Ukraine according to international standards. Do not waste time and money in choosing foreign institutions, and proudly undergo treatment in Ukraine, realizing that you get the best Israeli experience in the field of medicine.

Yes. Send all the documents to the post office - [email protected] and describe the problem, clinical condition, treatment plan that you have already undergone or plan to undergo. We will review the documents, the patient service center will contact you and schedule a consultation at the clinic.
Yes. You can order medicines from Israel yourself on the website - or write to our clinic e-mail - [email protected] with a description of the request.


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Отримайте письмову програму можливого лікування