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Maimonides Multidisciplinary Medical Center is not only engaged in providing high-quality and modern medical care to patients, but is also concerned about the post-graduate education of its doctors and their continuous professional improvement. Therefore, various master classes with specialists of various medical fields are regularly held on the basis of clinic. Even experts from abroad come to teach and share their experience with colleagues.

For doctors
For doctors

Master class with specialists

Master class with specialists from abroad can be extremely useful for medical industry of Ukraine. This can help to improve medical education level, practical skills of doctors and quality of providing medical services to patients.

The first step in organizing such a master class is specialists selection who have extensive experience in their field and can provide valuable knowledge and experience to master class participants.

Topics covered by master classes usually include

Speeches by specialists from Israel

Maimonides Medical Center is able to invite doctors from Israel to conduct a training event of this plan.

Internship in Israel

Also, our doctors have the opportunity to undergo internships in leading Israeli clinics and gain only modern knowledge and skillfully edge practical skills in order to provide better medical care to their patients in future. At the end of every internship, all doctors receive an appropriate training certificate..

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Comfort and convenience for all event participants

Proper organization of master class is very important for maximum benefit from the event. The responsible team of Maimonides Medical Center will provide lecturers and listeners with everything necessary for fruitful work, organize uninterrupted communication with participants and specialists.

In case when master class participants arrive from other cities or countries, we will provide hotels for accommodation, transport for movement to master class place and food for participants of event.
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"Second opinion" consultation

Our medical center can provide such a service as a "second opinion" consultation for a doctor. This can be important for specialists who are faced with a difficult clinical situation and have doubts about their decisions correctness. Such a consultation can help the doctor to get additional information that will help to make a more reasonable conclusion and improve treatment results.

In order to get a "second opinion" consultation, doctor can turn to a colleague who has the appropriate qualifications and experience in a specific field of medicine, including specialists who practice abroad. There are also online platforms that provide an opportunity to get advice from leading experts from all over the world.

Before asking another doctor for a "second opinion", doctor must provide relevant medical information, including

examination results, tests and other data necessary to understand the clinical situation

it is also important that doctor provides patient with appropriate information that he is going to seek advice from another specialist, and obtains patient's consent to this.

The result of the "Second Opinion" consultation

After receiving all the necessary information, the consulting doctor can assess the situation and provide his recommendation for diagnosis and treatment. He may also suggest additional tests or express his doubts about the diagnosis or treatment.

For doctors

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