Day hospital

The day hospital is the best possible for chronic long-term diseases treatment. Also we offer preventive procedures, rehabilitation measures, and palliative treatment.

At the day hospital of Maimonides Multidisciplinary Medical Center, each of our patients has their own personal supervising physician who will develop the necessary examination plan. In some cases, related specialists are invited for consultation.

Day hospital
Day hospital

Day hospital is advantageous!

You can come for examination and treatment at a convenient for you time, without breaking away from your daily engagements and responsibilities for a long time

You will receive all necessary medical treatment, including intramuscular and intravenous injections and drips

It is convenient to undergo preventive examinations and procedures, health promotion measures

You will not have to take a vacation, open a sick leave and radically change your lifestyle

The range of operative interventions within the service "DAY HOSPITAL"

  • Day inpatient chemotherapy session from 6-12 hours (I, II, III level of complexity)
  • Day hospital without chemotherapy
  • Monochemotherapy (infusion) scheme without the cost of chemotherapy drugs for up to 12 hours
  • Monochemotherapy (infusion) scheme without the cost of chemotherapy drugs for up to 6 hours
  • Bisphosphonate therapy (without drug cost)
  • Detoxification therapy with a stay in the ward
  • Liver recovery drips
  • Dripping after the party
  • Administration of a dose of colon-stimulating factor (with medication)
  • Administration of a dose of colon-stimulating factor (without drugs)
  • Medical support of the patient in an ambulance
  • Medical escort of the patient by ambulance
  • Hemotransfusion (preserved donor blood)
  • Blood transfusion (erythrocytes)
  • Hemotransfusion (erythrocytes in an additional solution)
  • Hemotransfusion (erythrocytes with thrombo-leukocyte layer removal)
  • Hemotransfusion (erythrocytes depleted of leukocytes)
  • Hemotransfusion of erythrocytes depleted of leukocytes in an additional solution (suspension of erythrocytes, depleted of leukocytes)
  • Hemotransfusion of washed erythrocytes
  • Hemotransfusion (fresh-frozen plasma)
  • Hemotransfusion (fresh-frozen leukofiltered plasma)
  • Hemotransfusion (fresh-frozen virus-inactivated plasma by adding methylene blue with light treatment)
  • Hemotransfusion (fresh-frozen leukofiltered virus-inactivated plasma with methylene blue addition and light treatment)
  • Hemotransfusion (platelet concentrate)apheresis
  • Hemotransfusion (platelet concentrate) apheresis virus inactivated by adding riboflavin with ultraviolet irradiation
  • Hemotransfusion cryprecipitate is frozen
  • A day in a day hospital (producing of prescribed manipulations)
  • Intramuscular injection
  •  Intravenous injection
  • Subcutaneous injection
  • Intracortical test
  • Taking blood for laboratory tests
  • Postoperative wound dressing
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Day hospital

An alternative to usual 24-hour hospital

У відділенні можна здати всі необхідні аналізи, пройти інструментальні дослідження. Лікар проаналізує отримані дані та призначить план лікування. Лікування можна проходити амбулаторно або на денному стаціонарі (наприклад, проводити внутрішньовенні ін’єкції та інфузії, інші процедури).

In the department, you can pass all the necessary tests, undergo instrumental research. The doctor will analyze obtained data and prescribe a treatment plan. Treatment can be done on an outpatient basis or in a day hospital (for example, intravenous injections and infusions, other procedures).

In order to undergo the medical and diagnostic process at a day hospital, you do not have to take a vacation, open a sick leave and radically change your usual lifestyle. We can also observe patients after surgical interventions and diagnostic procedures (for example, gastroscopy or colonoscopy under anesthesia, same-day surgery, etc.).


Receive maintenance therapy after previous treatment

Patients can receive any supportive therapy, for example, after a previous course of chemotherapy or radiation treatment in patients with an onco-hematological profile.

Also, people with cancer can receive all the necessary manipulations at a day hospital, including the blood components injection (erythrocyte mass, platelet mass, plasma, etc.) in order to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy drugs that they receive as the main treatment.

Day hospital
Day hospital

Palliative care for seriously ill and incurable patients

Palliative care is medical and psychological support of a seriously ill person and his relatives. In such a case the main task of doctors is to alleviate the patient's suffering by eliminating or reducing the pain syndrome, quality care, and psychological support. Our experienced specialists accompany the patient in the last days of his life, providing an opportunity to spend them with dignity and without pain.

The main contraindication to treatment in a day hospital is patient’s serious condition, which requires 24/ 7 care and observation, constant use of certain medical drugs, strict bed rest, diet and special conditions for rehabilitation.

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