Biopsy and histology

Sometimes, it is not possible to establish an accurate diagnosis without a thorough study of a tissue sample from a disease focus, but such an accurate diagnostic method as a biopsy with subsequent pathomorphological examination allows to establish the correct diagnosis up to 100% and carry out high-quality differential diagnosis.

Biopsy and histology
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Biopsy and histology are different medical terms

Biopsy and histology

Neoplasm biopsy

This is a method of taking biological material, which then is sent for histological (pathohistological, pathomorphological) examination.

Biopsy is provided before or during surgical intervention when a malignant neoplasm is suspected and helps to determine the presence of atypical cancer cells in the patient's body, to distinguish them from benign or borderline (precancerous) conditions.

Biopsy and histology


This is a method of a tissue sample laboratory examination obtained during a biopsy.

Histology is an additional diagnostic method that a doctor prescribes when it is impossible to get an accurate and comprehensive answer to confirm or refute a previous diagnosis.

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The main types of biopsy

Fine needle aspiration biopsy

Taking a tissue sample from a suspicious focus using a fine needle and syringe.

  • Low-traumatic type of biopsy
  • It can be performed under local anesthesia or without anesthesia at all
  • It is suitable for superficially located focus, for example, when thyroid or mammary gland lesions are suspected.

Thick needle trephine biopsy

It is performed with the help of a special thick needle with a cutting mechanism, which takes a tissue sample in the form of strips.

  • More traumatic
  • It is performed under local anesthesia or during medicated sleep
  • Informativeness and accuracy are higher. As a rule, it is used for diseases of mammary gland.

Stereotaxic fine-needle biopsy

Samples are taken from several areas of pathological focus at once. Special computer programs are used as navigation, which build a model of neoplasm based on various imaging techniques (MRI, CT).
It is used for deep-seated tumors, for example, for brain neoplasms.

Incisional biopsy

Sampling of a tumor part for histological examination.

Excisional biopsy

Histology includes the entire tumor, which the surgeon completely removes during the intervention.

Biopsy and histology

Sending material for histology

After biopsy, the tissue sample is packaged in a certain way and sent to a specialized histological laboratory or pathomorphological department of the clinic, where specialists prepare it for reviewing, directly view it under a microscope and make a histological diagnosis.

Although the patient never meets face-to-face with the histologist, this specialist is essential in establishing the correct diagnosis and subsequent correct treatment tactics.

This stage of diagnosis, especially in oncology clinic, is extremely important, because on the basis of established by the pathologist diagnosis, the oncologist makes up a further treatment plan and forms a prognosis.

We send all samples for testing in laboratories of partner clinics

At Maimonides Medical Center, we pay special attention to biopsy and histological examination, therefore we send all tissue samples of our patients for examination to pathohistological laboratories of partner clinics in Ivano-Frankivsk city to CSD laboratory, and to Germany, USA, Israel, where the best pathomorphologists from and have rich work experience.

Biopsy and histology
Biopsy and histology
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